Kaitlyn R Sullivan

Putting Ink to Paper

Kaitlyn’s journey into poetry began at age 11. As a late bloomer to the craft of literacy, she found her passion for the written word through rhyming. Though at times there was speculation as to her ability to pursue the art of language, she never veered from her love of the poetic craft. Kaitlyn’s pursuit of the written word led her to major in Journalism and minor in creative writing at the University of Northern Colorado, it is there she discovered the beauty of connection in sharing her craft with others.

"The things that challenge us most are often the very things we need to thrive."

She discovered this essential truth through her process of becoming a poet and writer.

As Kaitlyn further overcame the challenges of learning the ins and outs of writing and language, she began to find solace and cathartic release in writing. She's since taken to writing shorts, screenplays, blogs, and an absolute adoration for poetry.

Kaitlyn published her first original collection in 2019 digitally, with the print version releasing in 2020. She continues to write as a way to connect with many different people in many different stages of living, loving, grieving, and telling their stories.

Unearthing The Creativity Within

Kaitlyn finds the best ways to approach writing are to simply write when and on whatever you can. Though in her heart she's using a teal typewriter in a brick apartment somewhere overlooking a quiet city.

In reality our thoughts are fleeting and if you don't write them down quick they might shift their meaning. You'll find her bouncing between several notebooks, themes and ideas, all at one time.

When there's no journal handy, she'll write on napkins, the backs of envelopes, her own arm, a receipt, and really anything that holds ink. If you catch her driving, she's in her mind - memorizing entrancing thoughts before they escape.

An audience may be overwhelming, but Kaitlyn does what she can to expose her poetic musings to the local slam poets of Northern Colorado where she resides.

Her purpose is always centered around connection, sharing truth and seeking kindred spirits on a journey: by exploring suffering, thriving, loving, overcoming, the existential as much as the underwhelming aspects of living. She seeks beauty in the mundane as much as the magical.