Welcome to the poetic mind of Kaitlyn R Sullivan

Savory Sweet Yet Darkly Twisted

Published 2019

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Hands and walls striped,

Layer after layer until both

Are bare and raw.

By the time bleach splashed

Into my eyes I was too high

Off the sterile sweltering aroma

To care that the tingle

Engulfed my vision.

Going blind was beautiful.

A kaleidoscope tunnel,

Swirled in rainbow shine.

It twinkled bright like crystal

Sparkling light. Icy water

Rinsed out all the resin

While chilling my sight.

I wonder,

As lucidity returns

Will bleach purge

The corruptions,

The toxins,

The impurities of you?

"Bleach" was also featured in These Fragile Lilacs literary magazine.

This is Kaitlyn's first collection to be published. She has written many poems over the years, capturing her experience of this thing called life. The works in "Savory Sweet Yet Darkly Twisted" range from light and airy, to dark and dramatic; putting into words the joy, sadness, triumph, and heartache that everyone can relate to on a human level.

Savory Sweet Yet Darkly Twisted

Photographed by

Cas Foste Photography